A Towering Look Into Some Of Malaysia’s Tallest Buildings!

Reaching for the clouds (and higher) are massive skyscrapers that dominate the Malaysian skyline – all in the name of urban redevelopment. Here are some of the tallest towers to date, most of which are in Kuala Lumpur.
Malaysia's tallest building, KL Twin Towers
Have you ever wondered where to find Malaysia’s tallest buildings? You can’t miss them really, you just have to look up!

These impressive feats of engineering play host to everything from awesome local amenities to major tourist attractions.

Anything this big comes at a big cost too, but the economic benefits for these monster buildings can be substantial and far-reaching.


First, let’s have a little backstory here…

Malaysia’s first building over 200 metres reached its pinnacle in 1985, the (quite literally) ground-breaking KOMTAR Tower in George Town, Penang.

At the time of completion, this impressive building was the second-tallest in Asia, and remains Penang’s tallest skyscraper till today.

KOMTAR Tower held the title of Malaysia’s tallest tower for just 3 years, before Menara Maybank took over, and began the dominance of Kuala Lumpur as the ‘home’ of towering constructions.


What is the tallest building in Malaysia?

Now, without further ado, let’s gear up and prepare to ascend to the dizzying heights of Malaysia’s latest tallest buildings!

1) Merdeka PNB118, KL

Malaysia's tallest building, PNB 118

  • Height: 644 metres (2,113 feet)
  • Completion Date: TBC Due 2021

There’s a newcomer contending for the crown!  And when it’s complete, it’s going to tower above the rest of the competition, literally.

PNB 118 is the jewel in the crown of the urban redevelopment project known as Merdeka 118, funded by government linked investment company Permodalan Nasional Berhad (PNB).

Upon its completion (targeted for 2021), this huge tower will rise over 2,000 feet in the air, almost half-again as tall as the Petronas Twin Towers.

It’s set to offer over 4.3 million sq ft of space for residential, commercial, and leisure purposes, with the upper 17 floors of the tower housing the exclusive Park Hyatt Hotel Kuala Lumpur.

This visionary development is set to create a vibrant new CBD in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, aiming to create the same catalyst for growth, evidenced by the hugely successful KLCC and Petronas Towers development.

The total gross development value (GDV) of PNB 118 alone is projected at RM3.5 billion, with the true value reaching far beyond that to provide a positive impact on everything from commercial activity to tourism.

PNB 118 really is a vision for a future of Malaysia that reaches new heights. Let’s just hope you can see it for the clouds!


2) The Exchange 106, KL

Malaysia's tallest building, The Exchange 106

  • Height: 492 metres (1,614 feet)
  • Completion Date: 2019

The towering outline of Exchange 106 rises above the Tun Razak Exchange area of Kuala Lumpur, reaching nearly 500 metres into the sky above Malaysia’s capital.

This massive construction will, if official estimates are correct, reach 40 metres higher than the Petronas Twin Towers, making it the tallest building in Malaysia upon completion.

As it is now completed, this massive building boasts 2.6 million square feet of lettable floor space over its 106-storey height. That’s plenty of room to get lost in during a bad day at the office!

Exchange 106 is being hailed as the hub of Malaysia’s growing finance industry, with the latest reports suggesting almost half of the total floor space has been rented out to major financial institutions.

As you might expect from a major building in Malaysia, a state-of-the-art shopping mall is set to call the base of the tower home.

The tower was recently awarded with the Certificate of Completion and Compliance (CCC), with the Exchange Mall expected to be complete by late 2021.


3) Petronas Twin Towers, KL

Malaysia's tallest building, The Petronas Twin Towers

  • Height: 451.9 metres (1,483 feet)
  • Completion Date: 1996

The landmark Petronas Twin Towers need no further introduction. These stunning towers rise above downtown KLCC, creating the most eye-catching and iconic view of Kuala Lumpur’s skyline.

The towers and surrounding district formed a key part of the KLCC Master Plan, a hugely successful catalyst for urban redevelopment in the downtown city centre area.

The Petronas Towers delivered a record breaking revolution in construction for Malaysia. They held the title of tallest buildings in the world from 1998 to 2004, and still hold the title of tallest twin towers in the world today.

So, they’re not just the best twin towers Malaysia has to offer, but the best twin towers anywhere around the globe.

Alongside being Malaysia’s biggest tourist attraction, the Twin Towers are home to a massive commercial complex, the namesake Petronas Headquarters, alongside other major multinational companies such as Bloomberg, Huawei, and IBM.

The jewel in the crown of Petronas Towers’ retail offering is the upmarket Suria KLCC. This luxury mall boasts over 1.5 million square feet of retail outlets and leisure offerings.

So, it makes the Twin Towers complex more than just a famous tourist attraction, it’s also a lucrative commercial area that’s providing a huge boost to the local economy.


4) Four Seasons Place KL, KL

Malaysia's tallest building, Four Seasons Place

  • Height: 342.5 metres (1,124 feet)
  • Completion Date: 2018

Four Seasons Place KL is an award-winning hotel reaching out beneath the shadow of nearby top-tower contender, the Petronas Twin Towers. In fact, it’s so close that some people have even complained about it blocking the view!

This mixed-used commercial and residential development is the third tallest building in Malaysia today, and the third tallest hotel in the world!

It rises 65 storeys above the KLCC area, and is the perfect place to stay for visitors who want to make the most of the stunning views in downtown Kuala Lumpur.

Alongside the hotel itself, the complex is home to 242 residential units, from one-bedroom accommodation to penthouse apartments.

Imagine how amazing that must be, to say that your address is in one of the tallest buildings in Malaysia! The base of the tower is also home to a range of F&B offerings and exclusive shopping boutiques.


5) Telekom Tower, KL

Malaysia's tallest building, Telekom Tower

  • Height: 310 metres (1,017 feet)
  • Completion Date: 2003

Telekom Tower in the Lembah Pantai area of KL is reportedly designed to look like a sprouting bamboo shoot, and it certainly sprouts pretty high!

This innovative tower is notable for the hanging gardens climbing its exterior, as well as the unique shape which is designed to improve air flow and reduce energy use.

At US$150 million (roughly RM620 million) to complete, we would suppose that you’d have to cut down on the energy bills wherever you possibly can.

Alongside being home to a number of notable multinational businesses such as Mercedes-Benz, Unilever, and Malaysia Airlines, the Telekom Tower is also home to a sports facility and substantial 2,500-seat theatre.


6) The Astaka Tower A, Johor Bahru

Malaysia's tallest building, The Astaka Tower A

  • Height: 278.8 metres (915 feet)
  • Completion Date: 2018

The Astaka Tower A in Johor Bahru is the tallest tower in Malaysia outside of Kuala Lumpur, squeezing its way into fifth place on our list of Malaysia’s tallest buildings.

Astaka Tower A is one of two towers in this development which dominate the Johor Bahru skyline, forming a luxury condominium complex that, with the right weather of course, offers stunning views across the region.

This development was a significant spur for foreign investment, with a large number of the exclusive properties purchased by citizens of nearby Singapore.

Alongside over 400 residential units, the One Bukit Senyum development in which Asataka sits is also home to a hotel, F&B retail offerings, office suites, and a dedicated business office tower.

With a luxury penthouse boasting over 5,000 sq ft of space, Astaka really does offer the right buyer the true heights of opulent living.